Underground Arts – Wellington Tattoo Studio
187 Vivian St, Wellington. Phone (04) 385-2185.


Steve Maddock started tattooing in 1983. After winning a couple of awards from attending some of New Zealand’s earliest tattoo shows, decided to open his first studio, Underground Arts in Cuba Mall, Wellington. It was here he started painting, drawing, sculpting, making jewelry, t-shirts, molding, carving (bone, wood, polystyrene) and pouring moulds.

From there Underground Arts moved to a new location on Able Smith Street where the empty space next door allowed Steve to open New Zealand’s first Tattoo Museum with the help and support from the tattoo community in Wellington. The National Tattoo Museum opened its doors in 2001.

During this time, Steve discovered a system for multiplying tattoo designs, called Tattoo Bodysuits, which involves all artists using the same template. Since 2004, Steve has run an annual Tattoo Bodysuits competition on tattoobodysuits.com which is now worldwide.

In 2011, Underground Arts and The National Tattoo Museum moved to the current location at 187 Vivian St, Wellington. Steve continues to run the museum and tattoo studio alongside his other ventures Tattoo Bodysuits and The Ultimate Gallery.


The National Tattoo Museum: http://mokomuseum.org.nz

Tattoo Bodysuits: http://tattoobodysuits.com

The Ultimate Gallery: http://theultimategallery.com

Recent Work

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First tattoo by Steve Maddock, will be back for more, very impressed with his work.

August 24, 2017

Steve thanks for the nice coverup Kiwi tat2, my wife was also happy with the result.

August 24, 2017

Love underground arts tattoo studio got my sisters 1st tattoo done there for her birthday she was hooked after that

August 24, 2017

Steve is the bomb! Great work, with me right off the street. Respect dude!

August 24, 2017

Perfect! As always! Definitely will be coming back to see you!

August 24, 2017

Steve is an amazing artist who has tattooed his beautifully sexy work on me a number of time and all in very intimate places on my body. I was initially a bit worried as any woman would be due to both the nature and placement of the art. However, Steve was extremely professional right throughout each and every session and showed me nothing but the utmost respect. Steve is an incredible artist and a very genuine good person who has truly earned his place among NZ's greatest artists. Huge thanks and respect to everyone at Underground Arts.

August 24, 2017

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