Underground Arts – Wellington Tattoo Studio
187 Vivian St, Wellington. Phone (04) 385-2185.

About Underground Arts

“Underground Arts tattoo studio” has some of the most experienced tattooists in Wellington. With decades of experience and knowledge about the art and design of tattooing, you’re in capable hands. Consults with our tattooists are free. They can offer a wealth of advice on design, placement and size.

Now situated on 187 Vivian St, Wellington, New Zealand, the tattoo studios are open 7 days between the hours of 12:00pm – 5:30pm, and late nights Friday & Saturday until 8:00pm. If you would like to make an appointment at Underground Arts you can ring us on (04) 385 2185 or email us at contact@tat2.co.nz.

Underground Arts’ studio is fitted with all the latest hygiene apparatus; all needles used are NEW, and hygiene is of utmost importance to each and every tattoo created.

Underground Arts is owned by S.G. Maddock, a well known and respected Tattoo artist in New Zealand and founder of the The National Tattoo Museum -the only Museum of its kind in the South Pacific. This Museum showcases indigenous and contemporary tattoos from not only New Zealand, but throughout the world.

Underground Arts and Mokomuseum sponsor the world’s largest annual tattoo bodysuit design contest. Prints of the bodysuits are available for online purchase and download from tattoobodysuits.com. Or come in to our shop and buy limited addition Prints, T-shirts and skateboard art.

Our Team

Steve Maddock

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