Underground Art’s price for tattoos (as a general guideline) are at a standard rate of $150 an hour. The first hour is $200, however if a tattoo takes less than half an hour we can offer you a fixed price, (usually under $150).

Minimum charge from $100
Standard tattoo rate $150/hour*
Tattoo balm $15/pot

* Many smaller and larger pieces, touch-ups and fixes can be done for a fixed price that is less than this standard hourly rate, depending on: whether you need it to be in colour, the size of the tattoo, the level of detail in the design. Please contact us for an estimate or drop in for a quote.

Tips for saving money

  • Have an idea of what you want

    We have an extensive library of tattoo styles and designs from around the world, organized by subject and category, take your time and have a look through them or browse online: a good source of tattoo art is the website Tumblr.

  • Bring a print out or photo on your phone

    Or email us an image of a similar tattoo you like. We never copy a tattoo but it can help speed up the process of creating your own tattoo if you can show us what style you like.

  • Tell our tattooists

    Remember a tattoo is permanent, we don’t want to give you something you aren’t 100% satisfied with but can only go by what you tell us so don’t leave out any detail.

  • Still aren’t sure?

    If you aren’t sure, our tattooists are happy to chat about possibilities and show you examples

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