World Tattoo Bodysuit design competition


From New Zealand to the Netherlands the world Tatoo Bodysuit Design Compeition is in its 3rd year, sponsored by Underground Arts tattoo studio in Wellington, New Zealand and at Alkmaar tattoo centre, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


All entries were on display  at this years NZ Tattoo and Art Festival in New Plymouth.

The fusion bodysuits are open to all artists to add a piece of their art to which may then be displayed to tattoo lovers and the public in venues around the globe including Poland, The United States, Japan and England.


These life-size bodysuit prints, each showcasing the work of multiple artists, will then be donated to tattoo museums and events around the world, from Amsterdam to Tokyo.


All professional and amateur tattoo artists can take part by inking part of a life-size bodysuit canvas print (materials provided) at the following locations:


All the life size bodysuit fusions will be donated to tattoo museums named on template but will remain at the National Tattoo Museum of NZ until finished.

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